Sports Equipment Delivery Gone Wrong

Reviews Bird helps you find your way with any issues you experience with online purchases gone wrong. In addition, the website provides consumers with helpful information on the best online shopping site reviews through their “Online Shop” segment, where you can find many sports equipment online shop reviews. Online reviews cover a wide variety of online shops where you can solve any issues related to defective sports equipment delivered.

4 things to do if your online order is defective

The Covid-19 pandemic has exclusively changed online shopping habits, especially considering our gym routines. Therefore, looking for reliable fitness shops to shop at may seem laborious. Additionally, in lockdown, you might have experienced the disappointment of waiting for your online order in delivery only to unpackage and find it damaged. So, what can you do? Here are four things you can do if your delivery comes in a substandard condition:

  1. Inspect the product thoroughly – delivery companies often advise that you examine your delivery before signing off on it as fit for use. However, contactless delivery during the pandemic is difficult. If you find any dents or scratches on the sports equipment, take pictures to document the condition of your products and hang on to packing slips and return labels.
  2. Contact your retailer ASAP – most retailers have a return policy that you can follow to address defective or damaged items. Then, you can either return the equipment or get an exchange for a new and undamaged set of equipment.
  3. Address the issue – articulate how you would like to resolve the issue and remain calm during your encounter with the customer service representative. Moreover, If you can not manage to contact a representative, you can request a payment cancellation with your bank’s customer service.
  4. Read return policies – Make sure to thoroughly read through the retailer’s return policy before making any purchase, especially purchases that consist of oversized packaging like gym equipment. Reading them will save you the time and hassle of dealing with the same issue each time.

How do I get my Money Back?

Receiving a damaged gym equipment package is the most devastating feeling for an online shopper, mainly because they have built up the anticipation and excitement of finally receiving their package only to find that it is not fit for use. However, it is crucial to note that the damage is not the retailer’s fault but the courier’s. Generally, the retailer is responsible for initiating a full refund sending a replacement to the buyer or offering an exchange to choose from. What about when the retailer refuses to replace the damaged package? Fortunately enough, you can always go around the retailer and have your bank reverse the payment. Often, retailers tend to address and resolve the issue with a consumer because it avoids damaging their reputation through reviews in the media.

Write a Complaint, Suggestion, or Review

The best way to get acknowledgement of your issue or experience with your retailer is to leave a complaint in their review section. In addition, you can also write a suggestion on how they can approach the situation with a future customer. You should remain civil and specific on the issue you have experienced while providing constructive feedback. Moreover, you can talk about a range of elements such as customer services and referring to their policies. Most brands and retailers are afraid of the media, so leaving a review or complaint will catch their attention.