Top UK Marathons you can easily participate in

Even though it seems undoable at first, the feeling that envelopes you after you just finished a marathon is one of the best in the world. You can start and finish a marathon; get in the game and feel what it is like. Before engaging in a marathon or other athletic activities it is always important to read about that activity as well as go through other advices for athletes to know how best to enjoy the activity without putting yourself in harm’s way. Here are some of the best marathons in the UK:

The Virgin Money London Marathon

This marathon is frequented by lots of people; it is considered the chief cornerstone of the UK marathons. The entry process is difficult, but it shows why this marathon has gained so much popularity. It costs about 35 pounds. Besides, it is very inclusive; there are no discriminations whatsoever.

Simply Health Great Stirling Run

This marathon takes place in the fascinating city of Stirling. The marathon routes avail you the opportunity to see the marvels of the Scottish heritage and scenic countryside. If you have a family that likes to run, this marathon, at the cost of 58 pounds, is just for you.

Edinburgh Marathon

This marathon was voted the fastest in the Uk in 2008. You get to experience how it feels to be near sea whizzes. You also get to see the Royal Mile and Edinburgh castle. If you want an overall impressive experience, this is your plug. It costs about 60 pounds.

Milton Keynes Marathon

This marathon takes place in a stadium, immediately after the post-race music festival. The routes are lined with boulevards; it simply is the best way to spend your holiday.

Greater Manchester Marathon

A large crowd puller, this marathon boasts of over 20,000 runners. It is one of the biggest and fastest in Europe. It also includes showoff of landmarks such as the Manchester Opera House, etc. If you are keen on experiencing the vibes that come with a massive crowd, you should put in for this. It costs 49 pounds.

Blackpool Marathon

This is tailor-made for beginners but demands a lot of determination and energy at the end of the race. It costs about 37 pounds. If you are new to running marathons, you could consider this.

Brighton Marathon

The zesty crowd support will surely interest you if nothing else does. At 65 pounds, there is also live music and a fascinating sea view to see. If you want a break from the stress of the city, you should check this out.

Bournemouth Marathon

What stands out in this race is the breathtaking scenery. You cannot afford to miss a beautiful combination of woodland, piers and promenades. You may have to stay on guard so as not to fall prey to the sightseeing. At 55 pounds, it is a nice marathon to get into.

MBNA Chester Marathon

This marathon which costs about 48 pounds is a pleaser. The routes pass through the countryside of North Wales and you may bag a PB. If you want something speedy, get on board.

Liverpool Rock N Roll Marathon

At 50 pounds, you get huge doses of Rock n Roll which you have never gotten before. The crowd support is great, and the hilly miles and jazzy tunes all work together. If you want to experience a marathon, this is for you.

 To make the most out of your marathon, you need your body and mind in a good shape. You can prepare following the tips below:

Rest properly

In the days before the marathon, try to get enough rest. Your body must reinvigorate itself before you get it involved in this strenuous activity. If you refuse to get enough rest, you may break down during the marathon or come down with a serious illness after it.

Drink a lot of water

When preparing for a marathon, hydration is very important. You should not wait till the day of the marathon before you drink water, it is advisable you drink a lot in the days leading up to the marathon. You should also stay hydrated throughout the marathon. You can use a hydration vest so that you can carry enough water.

Eat healthily

You must eat healthy in general, but in the days before the marathon, eat a lot of high carbohydrate foods. High-carb foods will give you the energy you need for the marathon. However, do not forget to eat foods from other classes too. You will need them for your immune system.

Ensure your body and mind are in the right condition before you run in a marathon. Also, look out for your safety when running as well. To make it more enjoyable, you can decide to run with your family or friends.