Training for a Marathon? Information Your Local Gym Won’t Tell You!

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Training for a marathon is really a major undertaking. Your life should be completely rescheduled so that you can build yourself up for your 26.2 miles. The process of planning to operate a successful marathon takes about 100 days. If you are going to spend everything effort and time into something, wouldn’t you want to know that you are following best plan? Here are some of the challenges that lie ahead for you personally if owning a great marathon is the goal.

Kristin would not inflict cross training, although she knew that she should. Sheri spent 3 nights weekly with the weights, gathering some torso strength and strengthening her core. Having a strong upper body helps Sheri maintain her “bouncy” running style as she moves through the entire race, since she doesn’t have the ultra-efficient stride that Kristin has. Come the conclusion in the race, though, the core strength comes through as Sheri can maintain a good form while Kristin’s begins to stop working and she starts swinging her arms across her body.

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At the beginning I was just a little weary at Galloway’s strategy and felt it was form of cheating but I felt I would …