Top UK Marathons you can easily participate in

Even though it seems undoable at first, the feeling that envelopes you after you just finished a marathon is one of the best in the world. You can start and finish a marathon; get in the game and feel what it is like. Before engaging in a marathon or other athletic activities it is always important to read about that activity as well as go through other advices for athletes to know how best to enjoy the activity without putting yourself in harm’s way. Here are some of the best marathons in the UK:

The Virgin Money London Marathon

This marathon is frequented by lots of people; it is considered the chief cornerstone of the UK marathons. The entry process is difficult, but it shows why this marathon has gained so much popularity. It costs about 35 pounds. Besides, it is very inclusive; there are no discriminations whatsoever.

Simply Health Great Stirling Run

This marathon takes place in the fascinating city of Stirling. The marathon routes avail you the opportunity to see the marvels of the Scottish heritage and scenic countryside. If you have a family that likes to run, this marathon, at the cost of 58 pounds, is just …