Training for a Marathon? Information Your Local Gym Won’t Tell You!

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Training for a marathon is really a major undertaking. Your life should be completely rescheduled so that you can build yourself up for your 26.2 miles. The process of planning to operate a successful marathon takes about 100 days. If you are going to spend everything effort and time into something, wouldn’t you want to know that you are following best plan? Here are some of the challenges that lie ahead for you personally if owning a great marathon is the goal.

Kristin would not inflict cross training, although she knew that she should. Sheri spent 3 nights weekly with the weights, gathering some torso strength and strengthening her core. Having a strong upper body helps Sheri maintain her “bouncy” running style as she moves through the entire race, since she doesn’t have the ultra-efficient stride that Kristin has. Come the conclusion in the race, though, the core strength comes through as Sheri can maintain a good form while Kristin’s begins to stop working and she starts swinging her arms across her body.

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At the beginning I was just a little weary at Galloway’s strategy and felt it was form of cheating but I felt I would give it a shot. Within a month of reading “Marathon: You Can Do It!” I enrolled in a road runners’ club that’s active in holding charity races throughout the year. Exactly seven months after I look at book I participated in a marathon.

One other important factor with your marathon planning is hydration. When you might be being very active, hydration is the vital thing. Dehydration can be rough on your own body and will make you the hospital at the same time. Drink lots of water and provide it along during your work-outs. During training, it is ideal to drink no less than a half glass of water every 15 to a half-hour. This keeps the body from over-heating itself too. One simple method to determine if your system is properly hydrated is simply by large of your urine. If your urine is apparent, you have lots of water inside your system. Darker urine implies that you are under hydrated so you need more liquids.


In that vein, have multiple goals. You should have one goal that’s going to be hard to realize, one goal that you should pretty realistic, plus a minimal goal that constitutes success. For example, initially that I ran the Cox Sports Marathon, my stretch goal was a 2:37 (sub-6:00/mile pace), my realistic goal was 2:45, and my minimum goal would have been a personal best. I didn’t reach my stretch goal on that day, but I made my other two goals and surely could set the course record with my win.